Yes, so it has been a week since I have blogged. The temperatures here in Phoenix Arizona have risen to the triple digits. And yes, it is a dry heat. And when it is 90 and 95 and 98, it is really not so bad. In fact, I like the weather at 95. Something shifts in a BIG way once it turns over to triple digits….. the heat is definitely on and there is usually no turning back. Which means triple digits for months at a time.

Which is fine,,, as long as one has air conditioning. Air in their car and their home and their office – and all is fine with their world. My issue? The air conditioning in my home has had a major breakdown and as Murphy’s Law would have it, this will be a very difficult job to fix. Apparently, the unit does have a leak. And yes, apparently, this leak is a very sneaky one, hiding in an unknown place. So, while this is being worked on,,,, my business is booming!

I am thrilled to be so busy and am enjoying the work that I do and the families that I meet. I have had the privilege of working with pregnant and new mothers, as well as helping some grandmothers choose just the right gift for their pregnant daughters and daughter-in-laws. The greatest pleasure I have is to meet all the new babies and hold them in my arms. Pity my first baby on a Monday morning after not having held a baby all weekend. I basically think the baby is mine and will stay with me….but don’t worry, I do give them back after a few minutes. I can’t really be holding the baby when I am trying to help the mommy with breastfeeding!!

As a lactation consultant, I offer private consultations so I can work with mom and baby and help make breastfeeding a more pleasurable experience for those who have been having challenges. Consults take place in either my home office or the mothers home. I love having the balance of being at home and working and yet, at the same time, packing up my car with all my consult stuff and traveling to mothers homes.

Perhaps it is the heat these last few weeks, but home consults have been booming! I enjoy this because it does change things up for me, and I love visiting mothers in their own place as I really get an idea of the space they are using to breastfeed their babies. Looking at all their decorations and the babies rooms is also a lot of fun.

My air conditioner will get fixed – real soon, I hope. The temperatures will continue to rise – whether we like it or not. And with all the fabulous mom to mom referrals I have been getting, my business will begin to build. I will continue to blog and hope to get back on track with daily postings. I also hope that this week some of the very pregnant moms I have seen in the last few weeks, finally give birth to their babies as all have been desperate in this heat and are very ready to finally meet their babies. Congratulations all!