Welcome to my latest blog post which highlights the newest changes to my blog. After much urging from experienced bloggers, I have now switched to WordPress. So far, so good! The template is nice and clean and clear. I guess I am getting older because I now take note of some sites that are “hard” on my eyes and actually make me not want to stay on the page and read. Of course, that is not what I want to happen with my blog.

I hope that the content that I am putting on my blog is fun and educational. There are so many videos out there in cyberspace and lots of breasteeding information. My blogging goals are to bring you accurate breastfeeding information in a fun and entertaining way.

While some of the information may be controversial, I think that is a good thing. It gets people talking about issues and as long as we are leaving comments that are respectful, we can always learn from one another.