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Mom soothing her colicky baby

Tammy Roecker, LMT, CD, CBE, CIIT/CIMI, CPT posted some excellent tips for parenting a colicky baby. She has given me permission to post her info on my blog. You can find out more about Tammy Roecker, by going to her website which is listed below.

My first daughter had colic, so this is a tender subject for me!! It led me to become a Certified International Instructor Trainer for the International Association of Infant Massage and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

I will put some tips to try for you, as a friend, and for the mother too:

    As a friend:

  • a.. Build the Mom’s self esteem…parents can feel helpless, fearful and guilty…and need much support and nuturing themselves.
  • b.. Validate her ability to help her baby and read their cues.
  • c.. Make sure the mom gets some time to eat and sleep.

For Mom:

  • a.. First of all I want to say my heart goes out to you! When colic strikes in public, don’t let other people’s uncomfortable looks, scowls or whispers bother you! Just pick the baby up and say something like, “She/He has a lot to say!” ignore them and listen to your baby.
  • b.. Reduce stimulation in the environment. Some babies are sensitive to touch, noise, light orall three. These babies need a quiet environment, and only one activity done at a time. Dim the lights but touch firmly.
  • c.. Take a few deep breaths and warm hands by rubbing/massaging them together before picking the baby up.
  • d.. Place hands on crown of head and tummy.
  • e.. Place resting hands on tummy, and tell your baby you understand what’s going on and encourage your baby to listen and trust you.
  • f.. There is a colic routine for the baby’s abdomen i could teach you, but for now, here are some tips.

You can do this routine 3 times in a row, and do that 2 times a day…or if you notice colic happens at a certain time every day, try this routine an hour before that time to try and prevent it, if it is random colic, try this routine when the baby is in a “good mood” or active alert state:

  • g.. Position baby on a wedge or with pillow to a semi-seated position
  • h.. Stroke firm but gentle with the palms of your hands from rib cage to pubic bone like a water wheel 6-12 times
  • i.. Bring baby’s knees into tummy for 10 seconds
  • j.. When you bring the baby’s legs down give them a little rustle or shake them out gentley
  • k.. Massage clockwise circles on baby’s tummy (on a clock from from 8 to 8) 6-12 times
  • l.. Knees to tummy again for 10 seconds
  • m.. Relax legs again and rest your hands on tummy
  • n.. There are other massage strokes, but I would stick to the colic routine until the symptoms subside.
  • o.. If there is no relief after 2 weeks check back with your health professional or pediatrition

Some times it helps to talk to other parents who have gone through, or are going through the same thing….here is a support group:

colicky baby massage

Hope something here helps,

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