My daughter, Carly Lea has just turned 27 years old today.  With each passing year I become even more sentimental that I was the year before.  I do with this with all 3 kids.  I wish I could stop this bad habit.  It is annoying.  It was bad before they were married and they had to hear it.  Now the two girls are married and not only do they have to hear me talk about when they were babies, but their husbands have to hear it also.  You would think all the rolled eyeballs would just make me stop it!  I think it is an addiction.  What?  Can being sentimental and carrying on about the good ole days, much to others dismay, really be thought of as an addiction? I don’t really know.
Well, this year, I decided to put a different spin on it all.  Since I have been hosting my own show, All About Breastfeeding, the place where the girls hang out, I decided to make a show of it.  Really.  I did.  And then I decided to interview Carly.  This time, all I got was excitement and no eyeball rolling.  She also got to experience a bit of my world of podcasting, the good, the bad and the ugly. In using a new recording application that I was not familiar with, I neglected to click on the RECORD button.  Yes, I swear to you this is the truth.  You can even ask Carly.  So, we had this great interview, off the cuff and a lot of laughs and then I had to tell her….. guess what?  It did not record.  She was a good sport and did me the pleasure and got on the mike for a second go around.
I asked her what she thought about being the daughter of a lactation consultant.  I asked her what she thought about nursing in public and the shaming that sometimes happens to moms.  I asked her if she had any funny stories about breastfeeding.  Somehow she turned it around and managed to turn the conversation into things like “who was  my favorite kid” and how awkward I made her feel around the dinner table and with her friends when I talked about birth and breastfeeding. Carly also somehow made me feel awkward as she told my audience that I told her that she MUST breastfeed her baby and if she did not, she would have to leave the country. LOL!
It was all in good fun.  I had a blast interviewing Carly and I know she had a good time also.  I have a link right here so you can listen to the whole show.  Enjoy!