We frequently have a hard time balancing all the different aspects of our lives. When we have a baby, this can sometimes upset the apple cart even more so. In my work with new mothers, one of their greatest stresses is in creating balance in their lives. A key way to creating excellent balance lies in knowing what we value most and making this a priority. We are more likely to stay true to our values when we know what they are, but given our busy lives sometimes we don’t take the time to sit quietly and think about this.

Below is a list of values. Not all of these will apply to you and some of your values may be not on this list so feel free to add and delete as you see fit.


family work honesty quiet time opportunity
faith courage fun health flexibility
learning playfulness creativity knowledge compassion
solitude friendship intelligence passion achievement
cleanliness beauty adventure musice independence
financial security spirituality

These are listed in no particular order. You can take this list and after some thought, begin to make a list of what you value the most and put them in numerical order. Make a copy of this. Put it on an index card or colorful paper. Keep it with you throughout the day or hang it up in a place that you visit often…. fridge, bulletin board, calendar, computer desktop, bathroom mirror, office space, babies room.

Just having your values out for you to see, glance at each day, will be helpful for you to keep in mind as you continually work to bring some balance into your life. It certainly helps you to prioritize which are the most important and let go of those that are not so and perhaps put them aside for a time when you are less busy or more energetic.