She breastfeeds – She talks on cell phone – All While Driving

It is only the first week in March and the subject of breastfeeding has been in the news several times. In my favorite “What was she thinking”, this one mother not only gets caught talking on a cell phone while driving, but she was also breastfeeding her toddler. Another driver turned her in as she felt this was dangerous.

Well, guess what??? I agree – wholeheartedly.

Not only that, she defended her actions to the hilt and on top of that, stated that if the opportunity came about again that her child was hungry while she was driving, she said that it was likely she would do it again! C’mon! I hope I am not alone here in declaring that while babies do need to eat, and their cries for food should not be ignored, there is an activity called: let’s pull over to a safe place, take my baby out of the car seat, so I can feed my baby.

Take a look for yourself:

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