Here is a  great video on HAND EXPRESSION which can give you a good idea on how to use hand expression to remove the milk from your breast. This is a great technique for all breastfeeding mothers to learn. Whether you are a stay at home mom who does not have a need to pump or you are a working mom who is using the best pump available, or anyone else with situations in between, hand expression is an important skill to have.  There are quite a few situations where hand expression can really be helpful in removing the milk:

1. The first few days after the birth. You need to remove milk because you are separated from your baby or your baby is not breastfeeding well.

2. You find yourself engorged and the pump you have is not removing the milk or doing a good enough job, still leaving you quite full.

3. Something happens to the pump you have. Perhaps it breaks, low battery, no battery charge, suction is poor, you forgot it at home.

4. You find that you have a hard time letting down to a pump.

5. Some moms just prefer using hand expression over breastpumping.

Watch the video and let us know if you find it helpful.