There is so much talk about how the public feels about mothers who feed their babies in public.  For those of us who breastfeed our babies, we just don’t quite understand the big deal that people make.  Which is exactly why we get our dander up when we hear about a mother getting kicked out of a public place for feeding her child.  There have been many articles written about the subject.  As a tribute to Chris Mulford, IBCLC a huge breastfeeding advocate, I am sharing a link to an article that she wrote.  It just states the plain facts in the most simplistic of terms.  Feel free to share this post and her article. 

Click on the link below for an article written by Chris Mulford, a very well respected IBCLC and author of many articles.

Christ Mulford, IBCLC

Ms. Mulford is an active breastfeeding advocate, who has liasoned with various U.S. organizations to bring this breastfeeding issue to the forefront. She is also the mother of two grown children.

Chris Mulford passed away this week and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.