The New Year often just begs for all kinds of resolutions to be made. If we accomplish the goals we set out to do, we feel really good about ourself. If we fail to meet those goals, some of us beat ourself up for not having accomplished what we set out to do. Soo, with this in mind, last year I made absolutely NO resolutions whatsoever. Now, I realize that I was letting myself off to easy.

Little red tape inside my head: Sooo, what is so wrong with getting off easy??? Awake part of me answers: Not sure exactly, just doesn’t seem right!

So, I will make some resolutions this year. Some I will share with you because I think if I stay the course, it should be doable. Others that are more difficult, I will keep to myself, lest I have some of my readers in on the fact that I am not perfectly perfect in every way!!!

So, my “resolutions to share with my readers” are:

1. I will keep my car cleaned and washed on a weekly basis.
2. I will spare my immediate family members a breastfeeding analogy to every story
or problem they share with me. ( wait a minute.. this is going to be a hard one
to keep).
3. I will do my best to not waste any food. As soon as I see it going bad, it will
find its way into my Vita-Mix for a lovely green or fruit smoothie.
4. I will finish the two knitting projects I am currently knee deep in.
5. I will start and finish two more knitting projects that I have planned for the
coming year….. and after that I will make no promises… to myself or anyone
else….. so DON’T ask,, okay!!!
6. I will, somehow, someway, find a way to put my newest addiction ( FACEBOOK) in
its proper place – 30 minutes a day. ( hey, wait a minute, this is another hard

I think I will stop there! Feel free to comment on my resolutions or post your own!

SEE family members.. I can actually talk about things other than mothers and babies and birth and breastfeeding. I am capable and this post is proof!!!