This is not really a story directly related to breastfeeding. But I think I have a legitimate reason for writing about this in my breastfeeding blog. Wonder how I am making the connection?   Well, IF the story that I am going to tell, DID happen during the many years I spent breastfeeding, I am sure I would have lost my milk supply, albeit temporary, over the stress of it all.

I just found some jewelry – 4 pair of earrings and 2 rings, to be exact – that I have been searching for. Someone else I know and love, has been searching for a special piece of jewelry also. And guess what? She just found her necklace also!  Love you Mommy!



How is it that both of us lost jewelry, about 9 months ago and now both of us found what we thought we had lost.. 9 months later?

I was looking for some foot lotion and getting waaay back in the under the sink bathroom cabinets and there was this plastic bag, looking so non-threatening, I was about to throw it out. But than I noticed it was stuffed with some paper and I became curious. And right there, wrapped in individual pieces of tissue like paper was the jewelry I thought I lost.

My mother happened to be looking through some of her jewelry she has not used in so many months and right there.. walllah.. looking right up at her, was the necklace she had been searching for.

Now also interesting to note is that the timeline for both of the losses and founds is about 9 months.. the same time it takes to grow a healthy full term baby! The irony is not lost on me.

Another interesting thing to note is that while the findings of such jewelry came about for different reasons, the losing of such jewelery both happened for the same – ughhh… reasons.

And the reason it happened, is that whole – Like mother, like daughter thing:    I have been raised with the mindset that makes you hide things before you leave town.

Let me put this jewelry away, in a hiding place, where noone will be able to find it!
Not evennnn ME!

You can laugh, but Be honest! Have you every hid your jewelry or money  in such a great hiding place that even YOU cannot find it when you are looking for it?