I just received a new shipment of brand new Medela Symphony hospital grade breastpump. These are great pumps to rent if:

1. You did not want to purchase a pump.
2. You are looking for THE most comfortable pump on the market today.
3. You are trying to help build your milk supply – this is the pump for you.
4. You are having problems breastfeeding and need to replace the baby at breast, this pump can do that for you.
5. You are having pain during breastfeeding and it hurts to use your pump with cracked and bleeding or sore nipples, engorgement, plugged ducts or mastitis – this is the pump for you.

Check out this link

for more info on pump and prices. Call 623-362-2511 or email Lori at aabreastfeeding@hotmail.com for shipping prices.