Attachment Parenting International is a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate and support all parents in raising secure, joyful and empathetic children in order to strengthen families and create a more compassionate world.

Our nation faces serious challenges with our children and their parents with rising rates of depression, anxiety, aggression, abuse and other serious emotional and behavioral problems. Mental health experts agree that this crisis is largely due to their lack of deep connectedness within their family and community. Attachment parenting can help bring parents and their children close to each other as it fosters love and respect and trust.
Babies and children require empathy and respect for their feelings to help them learn to feel safe and secure. It is a good reminder to adults that our babies and children pick up the vibes and the actions that we give out. If we are not kind and loving to one another, if we raise our voices and scream and fight with each other, if we hit and push and shove one another….. this is what they learn to model. API reminds us that the way we teach out children love, care, nurturing, kindness, empathy, respect for one another, is to model that in our own family life.

On API’s website, you wil find a list of their Eight Principles in Parenting:

1. Introduction
2. Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting
3. Feed with Love and Respect
4. Respond with Sensitivity
5. Use nurturing touch
6. Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally
7. Provide Consistent and Loving Care
8. Practice Positive Discipline
9. Strive for Balance in your personal and Family Life

If you are looking for more information and support for your attachment parenting lifestyle, please check out the Attachment Parenting website If you are looking for ways to help and support your Attachment Parenting  lifestyle, please check out their website for more information.