Today is February 27th, 2011.  On the agenda for the personal side of life is to make at least 3 dishes for the coming week.  This lightens the load a bit in the kitchen during the very hectic work week.  Goal accomplished!

Next on the agenda is to organize all the collected coupons from the last several months.  Some I have decided I don’t need anymore and others have expired.  So, this has lightened the load of my coupon book a bit.  Goal accomplished!

I definitely am going to get in at least 1 hour of knitting.  I will probably multi-task and combine knitting with catching up on a taped TV show or two.  This goal will have to wait until later today as there are so many more important things to accomplish during the time when it is daylight and I have lots more energy!

Also on the agenda is to go through a few more boxes of mine that have collected in the garage.  Cleaning out the garage is our month long project.  See, just see… how positive I am in thinking it will only take us a month.  Well, it has too. I  just cannot stand such disorganization for much longer.  I just went into the garage and took some pictures of the mess we created.  Isn’t it funny that when you want to clean out a garage, it seems you have to take everything apart first and than it seems even more overwhelming than you originally thought?  Well, that is Stage 1, exactly where we are at now.

I am going to do something really crazy and post a few pics of the big mess in the garage.  Thought it would be fun to document the process.  However, as I was taking some pictures of the garage, I began to feel quite depressed and concerned that the world might think all my rooms are a complete disaster.

So, I am balancing the messiness of the garage with the fairly decent and organized look of my home office.  The lighting is not the greatest, but hopefully you will get to see that there are parts ( and rooms) in my life that are neat and clean and organized, LEST you judge me on the garage alone.                  

My Office



                                             My Office 



Business wise today:  All the lovely administrative work – checks to deposit, reports to type, orders to place, some marketing projects, and oh yes,, the most important one.  Meeting my deadline of sending in my final edit of a review I have written for the Journal of Human Lactation.  I am so pleased to have been asked to write a review for this accomplished journal.  It is my third one and I look forward to my next opportunity.

Okay, Sunday – there you go… going, going, and soon to be gone!

Next Sundays agenda:  nothing but fun and warmth and outdoor crafts festivals!