If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, a nursing bra is one of the essential items that will help make breastfeeding easier and convenient for you.    What should you be looking for when searching for a good nursing bra?  Here is a list of some important options you will want to keep in mind during your search. 

  • A good nursing bra fits very comfortably
  • It  is easy to put on and take off
  • It is easy to care for
  • A good nursing bra is  designed to make feeding your baby a discreet  activity
  • It should have  easy access to the breast with the fasteners that are easy to use
  • Looks good without your top on
  • And looks good when you put your top on
  • There should be no riding of the bra up your back when you move your arms
  • Give you great support without needing an underwire ( some mothers do well with underwires, but others find it causes to much pressure on the breast tissue, creating plugged ducts)

Some of the most common styles are made so that you have easy access by:

  • placing the fastener on the shoulder strap, which releases to drop the cup down.
  • placing the fastener in the front, between the two cups.
  • Or by having you just pull aside the cup in order to feed your baby.

While the bras that have you pull the cup aside to allow access to your breast are frequently found in nighttime nursing bras, that don’t have the same support as a daytime bra, some of the better bras that have daytime support utilize this technique also of pulling the cup aside so you can just slip your breast out.

When is the best time to be fitted for a nursing bra?

Optimally this will be near the end of your last trimester. 

Here are some links for information about the Bravado nursing bras and Fancee Free nursing bras.  A professional bra fitting is helpful to assure the best fit.  If you are local to the Phoenix, Arizona area, call Lori at 623-362-2511  or feel free to email me at aabreastfeeding@hotmail.com  to set up an appointment for a bra fitting.  The benefits:
  • NO FEE