There are many benefits to breastfeeding your baby.  I love to share some of the most common ones as well as some of the lesser known benefits.  The article below talks about the magic of PSTI and the impact it has on the health of your baby.

The ingredient called pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor, or PSTI, is found at its highest levels in colostrum – the milk produced in the first few days after birth. This is another reason to be sure that breastfeeding happens from birth on and that, unless medically indicated, your baby receives no other milk than breastmilk.

If you are having difficulty with breastfeeding during your hospital stay,  and your baby is not latching on, request the help of the staff IBCLC ( lactation consultant).  You can be shown how to hand express your milk so you can offer your milk instead of formula. You can continue to offer your milk, while you work on breastfeeding.  Read below to learn more about the benefits of PSTI.

Amazing benefits of breastmilk