Today I sold a few more Sleepy Wraps and based on the comments I have heard, I thought it might be nice to write about them in a post. While I have known about baby carriers/wraps for quite a few years, I imagine it is because I am in the BIZ. I have to keep reminding myself that for new parents, baby carriers may be new to them. See last paragraph for savings on Sleepy Wraps!

While there are many baby carriers available, I do not claim to know about all of them. I do know about the Sleepy Wraps that I carry and I can tell you why I love to sell them and why they have been such a huge hit.

The main reason I carry Sleepy Wraps is the material, the price and the beautiful colors. I also love the softness and the versatility. The same wrap can be used by mom and dad and grandparents…. and believe me, the wraps do get passed around!

What is one of the most comment sentiments that new parents make? Probably the most common one I hear is: ” I just don’t know why, but she likes to be held all the time.” This is usually followed by mom saying, “now don’t get me wrong, I love holding my baby, it is just that sometimes I would like to put her down so I can get just a few things done.”

So, yes, even when babies have been fed well and are dry and comfortable, they still really like to be held close. It is one of the easiest ways to calm a fussy baby. After all, they have been use to being “rocked and rolled” inside mom for a better part of 9 months. Babywearing makes parenting easier because it allows you to respond to your baby quickly before crying escalates and stresses you out.

Social conditioning has led parents to believe that if a baby is held or carried too frequently they will be spoilt, clingy or demanding. Research aside, just ask a babywearing parent if they feel that carrying their baby has created a clingy, dependent child. More than likely you will hear parents agree with what we know to be true. The physical and psychological benefits associated with baby wearing encourage children to feel secure and content and build a solid sense of self-esteem.

Babies worn in slings are less clingy and tend to initiate separation much earlier than babies less frequently held. It allows them to be AT the centre of activity not THE centre of attention, which is a wonderful environment proven to stimulate brain development and cognitive learning.

Here is a link to the sleepy wraps on All About Breastfeedings website. There is lots more info on the benefits of sleepy wraps. They come in all different colors. In stock currently:  black, brown, red, orange, dark green, royal blue, lime green and pink. If your first choice is sold out, you will probably have a second color that you would enjoy just as much.   Sleepy Wraps make excellent baby shower gifts for any new mother or father.