I have been receiving phone calls with questions regarding swine flu and breastfeeding. Having this information available on the blog is an easy source of reference for me and one for you to share with your friends as well. I am posting the links so you can read both articles.

Below is a link to an article stating that Breastfeeding should continue during swine flu outbreak. This was posted May 1, 2009 and sent to all members of ILCA – International Lactation Consultants Association. The article quotes the CDC which states that “although the risk of transmitting swine flu influenza from mother to baby is unknown, reports of seasonal flu are rare.” Please read the below article for more details.


Here is another article by the CDC dated May 1, 2009, which discusses breastfeeding considerations for the breastfeeding mother. Many mothers have concerns about themselves becoming sick with the flu and passing this on to their baby. If a mother gets sick it is recommended that she continue breastfeeding her baby as this provides important nutrients and human antibodies that are very crucial to her babies health. If she is not able to directly breasfeed her baby, it is highly recommended that she pump and offer her milk to baby from a bottle.

Take care and be well. Lori